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BassGear are proud to be the UK dealer for all tks Engineering cabs. These are great cabs with a build quality, finish and tone that far exceeds their pricing structure.

We will always hold a range of TKS cabs in stock for people to try and the range encompasses many variations in size, driver configuration and finish. All cabs are custom made to order with an approximate delivery time of three weeks.

We currently hold the following on demo (listed as in the picture from L to R):

1126 – one with tweeter & one without

S112 – one with tweeter & one without

S212 – with tweeter

We also have a H115 and the, really rather wonderful S2126 in stock (not pictured).

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tks Engineering has designed and manufactured high performance speaker cabinets for bass guitar since 2008. Focus is on great tone combined with low weight through carefully thought out designs, using proper engineering in the design progress and construction. All cabinets are hand built in Sweden, and are offered with many custom options when it comes to finish. All cabinets are designed to work well both with standard and detuned/five string bass guitars.

As an optional extra, all cabinets can be made with custom vinyl, grille cloth, or both. Except for the standard black, a few different kinds of vinyl (at the moment white, red and tweed pattern) are always in stock, 24 other ones can be ordered (additional waiting time for special orders). For grille cloth, there are five different kinds of vinyl available for the frame (six for special vinyl) as well as six options for the cloth, a total of over 1000 different looks. Here’s just one example:

White vinyl, black frame, beige/black/silver cloth.
For pricing, check each product description.

There’s also the option of ordering cabinets with the nameplate rotated 90 degrees, the main cabinet rubber feet placed to match the nameplate and an extra set of smaller rubber feet on what normally is the underside of the cabinet.

Here’s an example of a pair of S112 cabinets, a smaller footprint “vertical” 112 stack:

Viny Optionsl:
Always in stock:
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Special order items, delivery time 1-7 weeks:
Pattern 1B (same as standard black):
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Pattern 2N:
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Pattern 3J:
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Pattern 4P:
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Pattern 5T:
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Pattern 7W:
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The grille cloth is done a bit differently than most other cabinets. The more common solution is to staple the cloth to a wooden frame and use hook and loop fastener to attach it to the cabinet. This has a few disadvantages; since the staples hold the cloth at the side or rear of the frame, the cloth can vibrate against the front of the wooden frame, which might cause unwanted noise. Also, the cloth doesn’t offer as much protection as a metal grille.

As a solution to these problems, tks cabinets have the cloth glued to a perforated metal sheet, which is attached to a frame lined with felt, removing any vibrations. The frame itself is fastened to the cabinet with a special fastener that doesn’t allow for any movement of the frame (in contrast to the more common hook and loop fastener, with which the frame can move in and out a few millimetres, in some situations also causing unwanted noise). This gives the same protection level as a metal grille, no unwanted vibrations combined with a customizable look.

There is a free choice of vinyl for the frame, with the following options always available:

1) Black

2) Beige

3) White

4) Red

5) Tweed

For cabinets with Buy Daz Diazepam there’s also the option of matching cabinet and frame vinyl.

Five different kinds of cloth are available, plus the option of having just the black perforated metal sheet. Below all six options are shown with both black and beige frames. Click the cabinet for a higher resolution image of a black frame cabinet. Click the cloth close-up picture for a scan of the cloth (close-up, white background, hard light).

1) Black perforated metal

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2) Beige/black/silver
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3) Black/silver
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4) Blue/black/silver
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5) Beige/brown
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