Thomastik Infeld JF324 – Jazz Bass Flat Wound 43-106


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Drawing from the upright bass, Thomastik-Infeld JF324 Flat Wound Short Scale Bass Guitar Strings have a legendary sound that is all their own with  a deep, balanced tone unique from other flatwound strings due to its special nickel alloy ribbon that wraps around its Spirocore. The highly flexible steel core is wrapped with a silk inlay giving it a deep tone and high out put comparable to the double bass.

“The outer winding is a true ribbon flatwound constructed of a special nickel alloy. The result is an incredible depth of tone and an enhanced fundamental which is unavailable from any other flatwound.” 

Note: These are Short Scale 32″ strings.

What makes Thomastik-Infeld different?
Pursuing the perfect sound, Thomastik-Infeld starts with steel and nylon as core materials for their strings. The highly qualified technicians then wind and check every string by hand in order to insure quality and perfect tone. Infeld and his staff continually pursue the ever changing musical world, applying the evolving preferences in timbre, technique, and playing to their own imagination in pursuit of delivering perfection.

Gauges: 43-56-70-106