Thomastik Infeld EB345 – PowerBass Round Wound 47-119


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Thomastik-Infeld Powerbass EB345 34″ 5-String Long Scale Roundwound String Set

The first time you put on a set of these Powerbass strings, you might have to turn down your amp. That’s because Powerbass strings deliver a hotter signal (with a higher S/N, or signal-to-noise ratio) than the strings you’re used to. The reason is the windings. Most bass strings have an outer winding of nickel or stainless steel, over a steel core. Since most nickel and stainless formulations aren’t magnetically reactive your magnetic pick up senses only the motion of the string’s core.

But Powerbass strings are different. We start with an ultra-flexible, high-carbon steel core, then wind them with nickel-plated steel. This added steel makes the windings magnetically reactive, adding gain at the pickups.

Powerbass strings are also an ideal solution for players who use a long signal path, or whose signal must travel through several effects. Or, just use them to “clean up” your sound. Due to their higher S/N ratio, they produce a cleaner signal in every playing situation!

Powerbass strings deliver modern tone, with a balanced spread across the frequency spectrum. They communicate, a full, well-rounded bass, throaty mids and solids treble without brittleness. Since the outer layer of windings is pure nickel, the warm tone is retained. Plus, they’re easier on your fretwork than stainless or all-steel strings!

Sure, it costs more to put this much engineering effort into bass strings. But for bassists seeking great tone with an improved signal-to-noise ratio, there’s no better investment! Power Bass Series have a very thin steel hex core. The new design with highly flexible core and massive magnecore winding achieves fascinating clarity and transparency of sound combined with maximum output: these strings are handmade by highly qualified craftsmen on microprocessor controlled machines.

Our high quality standards of production and material are based on 80 years of experience in bowed instrument string production.

Gauges: 47-68-80-107-119