Sadowsky MetroLine Range

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There’s something about a Sadowsky that just sounds so ‘right’ in a live band setting, they really sit perfectly in a band mix and this is the reason that so many players around the world are out gigging with a Sadowsky bass every night of the week!
We can order any of the range in any colour with a delivery time of around 3-4 months. However, there are often specific dealer stock instruments available – these change every 2-3 weeks. Always worth checking with us what might be available for faster delivery. Generally these stock instruments can be delivered with around 7 working days all the way from Tokyo!
Contact us for more details on pricing and specifications of built to order instruments. Note: Prices shown below are guide prices and will fluctuate depending on final instrument specs, international shipping costs and currency fluctuation.

The Sadowsky MetroLine

In 1979, Roger Sadowsky set out to produce his rendition of the perfect electric bass. After working for over a decade on the guitars of the legendary musicians of New York City, Roger clearly understood what was wanted and needed in a bass: timeless classic styling, superior- grade tone woods, electronics that enhance an instrument’s natural sound, and precision craftsmanship not available in mass produced instruments. With the exacting input of bass masters such as Marcus Miller, Will Lee and Rickey Minor, the legend was born—a bass that is timeless and on the cutting edge, with a sound that is immediately recognisable on recordings and ‘live’ as the legendary Sadowsky Bass.

“The fundamental difference between the MetroLine and NYC line is the MetroLine features solid bodies, while the NYC instruments feature chambered bodies and custom-order options.”

Yoshi & his crew, crafting MetroLine basses in their Tokyo workshop, ensuring each instrument is 100% Sadowsky Buy 1000 Diazepam Online

As the legend grew, so did the overwhelming demand for these exceptional instruments that continues to this day. With wait times for custom Sadowsky NYC instruments that can stretch to a year and prices for custom features that can overextend a budget, Roger looked for a solution that would more quickly and affordably make the legendary Sadowsky Bass available to the working musician.

Roger’s solution to this issue is not accomplished with sacrifices to craftsmanship, quality, precision, feel or sound; it is primarily accomplished by standardising certain options and producing instruments in a more cost-effective environment. The result is the Sadowsky MetroLine.

Real Valium OnlineSadowsky MetroLine basses are produced by Roger’s personally trained protégé, Yoshi Kikuchi, in Tokyo, Japan. A superior craftsman in his own right, Yoshi moved to New York for a year to learn the art of the Sadowsky Bass at Roger’s side. Yoshi then assembled a small group of Japanese craftsmen and opened a studio in Japan under Roger’s supervision. As a result, Roger is able to deliver the legendary Sadowsky Bass more immediately and more affordably to you, the working bass player.

Your Sadowsky Bass is ready
Your long wait time is over and the Sadowsky bass is now more affordable. With many competitively priced models to choose from, Roger takes the most popular features of his legendary NYC basses and makes them available to you either immediately or on much shorter delivery periods. Best of all, Roger personally stands behind each and every MetroLine bass with his exacting standards of quality, performance, integrity and service. We invite you to contact us to get the legendary Sadowsky Bass where it belongs today – in your hands.


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Valium Online Fast Shipping, Buy Valium Walgreens

Some Examples From The MetroLine Range

Will Lee 4-String Model
Ash/Maple: £3,035  |  Alder/Rosewood: £3,015

Vintage style 4-string with 22 frets, single coil pickups, 1.45″ nut width and midrange boost preamp.

MV4-WL …Transparent White
RV4-WL … Candy Apple Red

P/J 5-String
Ash/Maple: £3,050  |  Alder/Rosewood: £2,850

P/J pickups on a J-body

MV5-HPJ … ’59 Burst
RV5-HPJ … ’59 Burst

Hybrid P/J 4-string
Ash/Maple: £2,415  |  Alder/Rosewood: £2,315

P-body style with a J-neck.

MV4-HPJ … Olympic White
RV4-HPJ … ’59 Burst

Ultra-Vintage ’70s Series
4-String Alder: £2,875  |  4-String Ash: £2,975
5-String Alder: £3,105  |  5-String Ash: £3,145

The Ultra-Vintage ’70s Metro features a full-size body, bridge pickup in ’70s location (about 1/2″ closer to the bridge), and a fingerboard with blocks and binding. Maple fingerboards are available with white or black blocks and binding, and rosewood boards have white blocks and binding. Each model is available with an alder or ash body, regardless of fingerboard choice.

UV70-MB-ASH-4 … Natural
UV70-RW-ALD-4 … Olympic White
UV70-RW-ALD-5 … Three-Tone Burst
UV70-RW-ASH-5 … Three-Tone Burst

Vintage Series

Our Vintage Series Metro features a slightly undersized J body with pickup placement in ’60s location. Rosewood boards are combined with alder bodies, and maple boards will have ash bodies.

RV4 … Olympic White … £2,315
MV4 … ’59 Burst … £2,400
RV5 … ’59 Burst … £2,520
MV5 … Natural … £2,600

Modern Series

RV5-24 … Corsica Blue Mica … £2,885
MV5-24 … Black … £2,935

Standard Series

RS4 … ’59 Burst … £2,315
MS4 … ’59 Burst … £2,400
RS5 … ’59 Burst … £2,520
MS5 … ’59 Burst … £2,600

Metro Finishes Available

Color Code Color Name Pickguard Color
NAT Natural Black/White/Black
VTN Vintage Tint Natural Tortoise
CAR Candy Apple Red Parchment
59B ’59 Burst Parchment (with maple boards)
Tortoise (with rosewood boards)
3TB 3-Tone Burst Parchment (with maple boards)
Tortoise (with rosewood boards)
DCB Dark Cherry Burst Tortoise
LPB Lake Placid Blue Parchment
OWH Olympic White Tortoise
BLK Black Black/White/Black
TBK Transparent Black Black Pearl
TWH Transparent White Tortoise
TRD Transparent Red White Pearloid
TBU Transparent Blue White Pearloid
SWG Sherwood Green Parchment
BIM Ice Blue Metallic Parchment
DLB Dark Lake Placid Blue Mint
Model Description
4 Strings
5 Strings
5 Strings, 24 Frets
Standard Style (no pickguard)
Vintage Style
Rosewood / Alder
Maple / Ash