Planet Waves – American Stage – 20′ Straight to Straight – Guitar Lead – AMSG-20


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D’Addario American Stage Series cables are designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference. With audiophile quality wire, which is made in the USA, the low 28pF/ft capacitance is the sweet-spot for uncolored tone and the 22AWG oxygen-free copper conductor provides exceptional signal transfer. Full coverage comes from using 95% tinned copper braiding, eliminating handling noise and rejecting interference. Using only the finest materials, custom designs and precision USA manufacturing methods, American Stage delivers a professional performance cable. The result is pure, natural tone guaranteed for life.

  • Designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference
  • Geo-Tip: exclusive patented tip design for improved fit in all jacks
  • In-Line solder joints for superior conductivity and strength
  • Neutrik plugs, made in Liechtenstein, built to D’Addario’s patented design
  • Limited lifetime warranty. For more info, visit

American Stage cables are built to ensure that your tone comes through exactly the way you want it.

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