Markbass Traveller 151P Cab


Available on back-order

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The Traveler 151P is one of the smallest and lightest 1×15″ cabinets on the market, putting power and pro sound into a very practical package.
This cab is perfect for club gigs, especially in pairs. It also stacks perfectly with the Traveller 102P for a really punchy small rig with plenty of low end!
8 ohms
1×15 in.
400W RMS (AES Standard)
3.5 kHz
40 Hz to 18 kHz
100 dB SPL
44.75 lbs / 20.3 kg
18.3 in. / 46.4 cm
23.39 in. / 59.4 cm
17.05 in. / 43.3 cm