Harvest Leather Straps


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We have just 4 straps remaining from our Harvest range.

There are 2 in a dark brown stippled type finish from the Buffalo Silverado range. Relatively thick firm leather that will soften with age with a smooth leather back.
The is one in a mid brown smooth leather finish which is also a Buffalo Silverado but the Neu version. Leather on this is not quite as thick are the darker one and it has an unfinished suede-type back. This type of leather is designed to ‘age’ and show some wear (it already has a couple of examples) whereas the other two will not mark as easily.
The last one is a very pale brown, supple leather, strap from the Cow Antique range. Very thin and soft leather with an unfinished back.
The two Silverados are classed as short and the Antique is long – however, all three are the same length. From hole to hole on the shortest setting they are 42”. There’s approx 7” of extension to the very longest option but 2nd last hole gives more support and that’s around 47.5” in total. This would normally class these as Medium.

These straps for heavier instruments are made from buffalo leather and come with the classic length adjustment. Made with a nice vintage pull up finish and produced with decorative off white seams.

The strap is made out a single layer of full grain leather. Full grain leather is very strong and durable.

A strap for a lifetime.

The strap’s width is 8 cm. It is the perfect width for holding the instrument comfortably over a longer period of time.

Your bass feels much lighter with this strap.

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