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An absolutely stunning little amp – one of our perennial favourites here at BassGear!

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The ATS LBA-5 MK III is a bass guitar amplifier developed with a completely different aim compared to its older brothers BP500 and BP1000: high sound performances in little space and weight: 2 Kg, to be exact.

The pre-amp has got the entrance built up with discrete Mosfets.

The LBA-5 MK III features very similar warm and mellow sound of a tube pre-amp.

During its development and finalizing it has been continuously compared to the pre-amp of the ATS bigger brother BP500 and it was made to preserve its sound qualities. The final comparing result was very satisfying.

The implementation of a standard semi-parametric Mid-band control, the asymmetric Trebles control (working on different frequencies) and the Contour control complete an extremely efficient and versatile tone control section.

A few words have to be said to describe the particular design philosophy adopted here: starting from the central (flat) position, when the Trebles control is turned clockwise it works on a different frequency (6 Khz) than that chosen when it is turned counterclockwise (4 Khz). This makes the LBA-5 MK III especially effective at centring a great deal of harmonic nuances in the sound of the instrument.

The Contour filter takes advantage from a similar innovative technique: it has its neutral position in the center, unlike the similar controls offered on other amplifiers. From here, turning it clockwise, you can intensify the lows and the highs (max +15db) and, at the same time, cutting the mid frequencies around 330Hz (up to -10db).

Turning it counter-clockwise it works in the opposite manner, enhancing the frequencies around 560Hz (max +10db) and cutting lows and highs (up to -15db).

The Contour, the semi-parametric Mid band and the Tones are active all at the same time, providing countless and very interesting combinations of timbre: it is a real innovation introduced by ATS.

All controls are very efficient and small variations are enough to obtain significant changes of timbre.

The preamp of the LBA-5 MK III features an input equipped with discrete Mosfet transistors, which behave similarly to the triodes.


Description of the controls:

INPUT 1:            all equalization controls placed on the front panel are active on this channel

INPUT 2:            there are no equalization controls on this second channel and the response is completely flat, such as in the best Hi-End amp. On this second channel it is possible to amplify a second instrument, or to enter with a different sound source, such as a CD player, PC, Mixer etc.

D.I. Exit:             adjustable from +10db to -10db on 600ohm impedance.

Tuner Exit:         exit for the tuner, usable also to send the signal to another second amp.

Send Exit:          “post” audio exit, to be sent to devices generating audio effects.

Return Input:     input of the audio signal, coming from external devices or audio effects



LBA5 front LBA5 retro


ATS mod. LBA-5 MK III – Specifications


Ultra-light head at solid-state for bass guitar. MOSFET pre-amp and transistors.

Two independent pre-amp channels, of which the second channel has a completely flat frequency response.



8/4 Ohm

Power Handling

300 W to 8 ohm and 600 W to 4 ohm


Frequency Response

10Hz ÷ 25.000Hz +/-1db

Contour Control

> 0 db (rif. center)




< 0 db








100 Hz 0 dB ÷ + 15 dB

330 Hz 0 dB ÷ − 10 dB

2   kHz 0 dB ÷ + 15 dB


100 Hz 0 dB ÷ − 15 dB

560 Hz 0 dB ÷ + 10 dB

2   kHz 0 dB ÷ − 15 dB

Tone Control




Midrange control




Asymmetrical frequency control



FC: 50 Hz ± 15 dB



FC: 200Hz ÷ 2kHz ± 15 dB


F+: 6000 Hz ± 15 dB

F-: 4000 Hz ± 15 dB

Inputs (unbalanced)

input 1

input 2

Connectors type:

6,3 mm. jack for both inputs

Input 2: Flat input.




Kg 2

Size cm. (HxWxD)

23.5 x 9 x 24