13 Oct 2011
October 13, 2011

Pro’s Tools: Bernhard Lackner

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Pro’s Tools is a Basslines series of articles by professional bass players in which they describe what gear they use and why.

This is Pro’s Tools #5 by Bernhard Lackner

Austrian born electric bassist/composer/clinician Bernhard Lackner worked with artists including Mino Cinelu, Adam Holzman, Marco Minnemann, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Adam Nitti, Trip Wamsley, Florian Bramböck, Steve Cunningham, Christian Wegscheider,

Franz Hackl, Jeff Coffin, Derico Watson, Chester Thompson and many more. He was a featured artist at events such as Eurobassday(Italy), the Outreach Jazzfestival(Austria), at the BassUp! Event Atlanta (USA), NammBassBash(USA), National Guitar Workshop(USA), Pasadena Bassday(USA), Bassday UK (England), European Bassday (Germany) etc..

Bernhard is also guest clinician at several Universities and Institutes in Europe as well as in the USA such as Musicians Institute, Belmont University, The Basscollective and others.

In 2006 he released his debut album “Those Days”, in 2009 his 2nd album “In Between”, in 2010 his exercise book “Plucking Hand Workout” and in 2011 he followed up with his 3rd album “Stories From Home”.

I have used Aguilar amps for several years, after a long search for the right amp. I finally discovered Aguilar! I really like it because their amps do not colour my tone by any means. I was looking for an amp which would just amplify what comes from my instrument but which does not add any additional frequencies to it. It’s very “neutral” sounding gear.

Also I have worked together with Aguilar on clinics in the USA and Europe for several years, which is a great thing.

For strings I prefer La Bella Strings. I use their SN45B’s which are the follow up series of their famous “slappers”. They are nickel round wound, very warm yet clear sounding and they last very long. Just on my latest clinic tour earlier this year I did a clinic in NYC and then had the pleasure to visit the La Bella Strings factory in Newburgh, NY and I discovered why their strings are so good. They are all handmade. We have also worked closely together on clinics on both sides of the Atlantic for some years.

My bass guitar is built by the Austrian master luthier Hermann Erlacher, who owns the company HEMAGE Guitarren & Baesse. It is a very simple instrument, passive electronic, cherry body-wood, maple neck and mahogany fretboard. It has a very round and warm tone but at the same time it cuts through very well. It is the perfect instrument for my style of playing.

Last but not least I want to mention the cable company I work with; VOVOX cables, a company out of Switzerland. They make very high-end instrument cables. They are all handmade, high quality and last very long. It’s definitely worth it to invest in their products.