17 Apr 2014
April 17, 2014

Pro’s Tools – Don Richardson

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  Hi there, My name is Don Richardson, I have been playing professionally as a freelance bass player for 30 years. I started my career backing artists on the club circuit in the north east of England … it was great fun and you were guaranteed a damn good laugh! About this time I was.. read more →

10 Mar 2014
March 10, 2014

Pro’s Tools – Art Lubin

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About Name:            Art Lubin Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA Resides In:     Asheville, NC I began playing music at the age of 6, trained through my formative school years, and have continued pursuing musical endeavors throughout my life’s journey.  I have played numerous instruments over the years and settled into strings.. read more →

LBGS is at Olympia again this year on 1st & 2nd of March & looks to be even bigger & better than previous years! Full details of what we have in store available here read more →

14 Oct 2013
October 14, 2013

Pro’s Tools – Matt Potter

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Greetings from North Yorkshire! I’m a bass guitar player currently based in York, UK. I have been an active musician for over 15 years. I began playing music in my early school years, taking part in various ensembles on a number of different instruments before finally deciding to play the bass guitar at the age.. read more →

04 Oct 2013
October 4, 2013

A whole wall of Aguilar!

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We’ve had a huge delivery of Aguilar amps, cabs, pedals, pickups and pre-amps. We now have the monster DB751, Tone Hammer 500’s & 350’s along with TH carry bags. Lots of DB cabs in multiple formats – 4×10, 2×10, 1×15, 1×12 (in black and awesome Chocolate Thunder). Given the popularity of the fantastic lightweight SL112.. read more →

We’ve just had a large shipment from Bergantino which includes the new NV115, some more of the amazing lightweight CN112 and CN212 cabs and an expanded HD range to include the HD112 and HD210. Why not check them out and see which one you prefer? read more →

05 Jul 2013
July 5, 2013

Summer of Love Sale now on!

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We don’t often hold sales, but we have decided to have one this month (July) to make way for heaps of new stock that’s on order.  It really is a genuine sale, with many items at below cost price. We are actively changing prices all the time, so it’s worthwhile re-visiting our site regularly. Hope.. read more →

31 May 2013
May 31, 2013

Pro’s Tools: Matt Round

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Greetings from Chicago. My name is Matt Round. I’m London based but am currently on a lengthy tour of the US & Canada. I play Bass for James Morrison and Billy Bragg (who I’m away with at the moment) and consider myself very lucky to work with these two brilliant yet completely different artists. I’ve.. read more →

Happy Birthday & June Fodera ‘Anniversary Specials’ (Or “We will wear yours if you will wear ours”!)   We are celebrating 30 years of Fodera making some of the finest bass guitars in the world. Right now, Bass Gear are represented by every model from the award winning Fodera Standard range, as well as some.. read more →

25 Mar 2013
March 25, 2013

Pro’s Tools: Dave Troke

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Hello! My name is Dave Troke, and I’m and alcoholic. Joking!!! I’ve been playing bass for about 19 years now. It all started up in the midlands in a little place called Hinckley (remember your locking wheel nuts if you ever visit), where someone introduced me to the recorder. After getting frustrated with this instrument.. read more →